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The 32bit@32cents : STM32F030 Value Line

Question asked by nunzi.pierre Employee on Jul 8, 2013
STMicroelectronics has announced today in Bangalore the STM32F030 Value Line : the 32bit@32cents :-)

The STM32F030 features an ARM Cortex M0 core and runs at speedsup to 48 MHz like other today members of STM32F0 Series. While achieving the lowestprice of STM32 products, the STM32F030 comes with a full set of performingperipherals, such as fast 12-bit ADC, advanced and flexible timers, calendarRTC and communication peripherals such as the I²C, USART and SPI.
Therefore, this combination easily outperforms existing 8-bitarchitectures and allows all application designers to benefit from thesimplicity and efficiency of a state-of-the-art 32-bit core. The STM32F030Value Line covers many memory and pin count combinations with only fewcompetitive devices and thus further enhances the overall cost efficiency ofyour projects.

You can find the STM32F030 datasheet on the dedicated web page.

Would you have questions on this STM32F030 Value Line, don't hesitate to create new discussions in STM32 forum :-)