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Noise in ADC

Question asked by ronan on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by fm

I work on a project based on Core407V board (STM32F407) and on the DP83848 module (Ethernet). I have developed my own daughter board to plug these two boards and others sensors.

The purpose of my project is to acquire analog measurements by using 12-bit ADC in order to send these data at others devices throught Ethernet module (UDP protocol)

But I noticed that I have a problem with the DP83848 module: when I plug this module on my board, there is a noisy which is added on my analog measurements. My schematic is the same that the “Open407V-C Standard” board (wvshare).

To get an idea about the noise :
without DP83848 module : the mean error is 0.003 V
with DP83848 module : the mean error is 0.100 V

Thank you in advance for your assistance.