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AN4013 & RM0313 contradict about Timer Features?

Question asked by erlkoenig on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Amel N
Hello Forum,

i am trying to get an overview of the various timer periphals present in the STM32 Mikrocontroller Family. It now seems that the two documents AN4013 and RM0313 contradict each other. Table 2 on page 7 of AN4013 states that TIM13 of the STM32F37x Mikrocontrollers is a "1 Channel" type Timer module, and according to table 3, page 8 this type can act as a synchronization Master. However, the STM32F37/8x Reference Manual (RM0313) states on page 342 that TIM13 doesn't have this synchronization feature. The register description starting on page 373 supports this (no SMS bits, no SMCR register).
Additionally, the AN states on page 9 that Basic Timers can use external clocks on pins TI1, TI2, ETR, while the RM0313 says that the Basic Timers can only be clocked by the internal clock (RCC), on page 449, and the register description has no CC*S bits and no CCMRx register to configure an external clock source.

Which of the two documents is correct? The AN looked like a nice overview of the capabilities of the various Timer Periphals, but if it were incorrect, would i have to gather this information by comparing all the respective chapters in the RMs? Can i assume that e.g. TIM13 always has the same features (and register layout) on all STM32 Mikrocontrollers?

Thank you very much for any help!