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connecting audio codec to STM32F4 Discovery using I2S

Question asked by Reay.Donald on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by Reay.Donald
Can anyone suggest where I'm going wrong? I'm new to this forum and people seem to be posting longish code fragments, but I apologise if I seem to be posting an inappropriately long question.
I can't get I2S comms to an external audio codec from an STM32F4 Discovery board to work.
I've adapted the I2S_DataExchangePolling example from the standard peripherals library as attached (I've cut out the parts of the code that uses I2C to configure the codec as I2S master - that seems to be working since I can see WS and CLK signals and also data from the codec, using a 'scope)
Most fundamentally (as far as I can see) the problems include
1) no signal apparent on output pin (PC2)
2) the program doesn't appear to be held up waiting for RXNE (notionally at 8 kHz) If I run the program for n seconds, counter ends up at approx 100000 x n.