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Can TIM1 be used for PWM input?

Question asked by michael.tamir on Jul 1, 2013
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Using STM32F407.
I need to measure the duty cycle of an external signal. I can use TIM4 + PWN input for that purpose, but it is merely a 16 bit counter (I need a 32 bit). I am using an Olimex STM32-E407 that only allows access to TIM2 (32 bit timer) via port E. But I cannot get the PWM input to work on it - which interrupt service routine should I use?
I see this in my header file

void TIM1_BRK_IRQHandler(void);       
void TIM1_UP_IRQHandler(void);        
void TIM1_TRG_COM_IRQHandler(void);   
void TIM1_CC_IRQHandler(void);        

not simply "void TIM1_IRQHandler(void);"

So, if I can use PWN input for TIM1 (the reference manual says I can) which IRQ source do I need? Any information will be appreciated.