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SDIO interface - can not use SD card 250ms timeout

Question asked by k.r.001 on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by k.r.001
I have just created my own SDIO library for SD cards. It works pretty well but i noticed one issue with SDIO interface. I use STMF4 device clocked with 168 MHz. At 168 MHz speed the maximum SDIO clock frequency is 24 MHz.  I read in the SD card specification that the maximum write timeout (used when WRITE_BLOCK command is performed for example) is 250 ms. There is a special 32-bit register for counting SD card timeouts "DTIMER" that counts SD card clock periods. With 24MHz SD clock freq the maximum timeout that can be counted by DTIMER is: (1/24MHz) * 2^32 = 178.95 ms. It seems that there is no way to use the DTIMER to count 250 ms. Am i right ? Is there any way to use DTIMER to count longer timeouts than 178 ms ?