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Flash EEPROM Simulation Question

Question asked by wolfaardt.andre on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by Jack Peacock
I can't seem to find answer to following question in Datasheet, Programming Manual, Reference Manual and StdPeriph Driver Doc.
If I use the Flash memory to Simulate EEPROM and I wish to use one of the 16KB sectors, e.g.Sector1, which is located at the beginning of Flash area, do I need to move my NVIC and Program code to beyond these Sectors i.e. 0x08004000. And do I do that by simply specifying it at link time. The Reference manual also indicates Sectors0-11, am I correct in saying that this is only for 1MB device and that 256KB device only supports Sectors0 to 5?
Where do I find the Page Sizes?
Thanks in advance!