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stm32f2xx USB potential bug

Question asked by curran.danny on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by curran.danny

search for CBW_CB_LENGTH

typedef union _USBH_CBW_Block
  struct __CBW
    uint32_t CBWSignature;
    uint32_t CBWTag;
    uint32_t CBWTransferLength;
    uint8_t CBWFlags;
    uint8_t CBWLUN;
    uint8_t CBWLength;
    uint8_t CBWCB[16];
  uint8_t CBWArray[31];

both are used in the code as follows

      for(index = CBW_CB_LENGTH; index != 0; index--)
        USBH_MSC_CBWData.field.CBWCB[index] = 0x00;

lint produces the following

Warning 661: Possible access of out-of-bounds pointer (1 beyond end of data) by operator '[' [Reference: file ..\..\STM32_USB_HOST_Library\Class\MSC\src\usbh_msc_scsi.c: lines 307, 309]

anyone know why the code has been written this way