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Memory Allocation of variables

Question asked by boulay.julien on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by Jack Peacock
Good afternoon everyone,

I'm currently working on a ST32 chip and i'm coping with a little issue.
My problem is that I need to know where are stocked my variables in the memory when i declare them in my main so that I can modify them thanks to a Modbus TCP/IP protocol. 
Unfortunately when I execute my programm with the debugger the addresses are sometimes changing while i dont touch them...
Worse, sometimes they dont appear at all in the debugger. 
Until now the only fixed adresses i've been able to obtain are in the RAM (0x2000xxxx) but i can only get them thanks to pointers...

(I'm using Ride7 to debugg)

If you have any idea of where i should first look that would be very helpful.