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STM32F2xx Bootloader Sectors allocation

Question asked by xol.xol on Jun 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2013 by knik
I'm starting to implement my own bootloader for STM32F2xx. Currently I plan to support UART, USB and ETH. Also I plan to use EEPROM emulation.
Implementation of USB and ETH (TCPIP Socket) takes about 30K. So To be on a safe side I plan to use following Flash sectors allocation:

Sector0 16K - Bootloader
Sector1 16K - EEPROM Emulation Page0
Sector2 16K - EEPROM Emulation Page1
Sector3 16K - Free
Sector4 64K - Free
Sector5 128K - Free
SectorN 128K - Bootloader (Last Sector depending on Flash size)

Sector0 has to be used by Bootloader as this is where a RESET will be fetched.
Sectors 1,2 has to be used for EEPROM emulation.
Free sectors can be used by Application.

If my approach is correct I need to create linker - ld file with gap inside. I wonder if there is a any better idea to implement all above.