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Datasheet correct for LQFP64 F37x or not?

Question asked by gary on Jun 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by gary
I'm looking for confirmation (first hand knowledge, please -- speculation is usless) that PA3 on the F37x and F38x are in fact at pin 18 and not on pin 17 as it is for all the other LQDP64-packaged F1xx, F2xx, F3xx, and F4xx parts? We are about to print a circuit board for the F373 LQFP64, so this isn't just an academic question.

Same question about pins 34, 35, 36 -- on all LQFP64 parts these are PB14,15,16 except (I question) on F37x and F38x where PB14,15 are (apparently) moved to pins 34,35.


P.S. If in fact the F37x and F38x product specification is correct, wth happened??!? Otherwise STM32 chips are very pin-compatable, a feature about which we were hoping to take advantage.