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STM32F407 based MEMS IMU/INS for industrial Indoor-Navigation

Question asked by Emilio on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by das.sanjib
Hi Guys,
the last times I had so many technichal questions and I'm glad that it ended in a good way. My Project is finshed now and I would like to share the results with you and the sucess story with choosing STM32F4 for this application!

I'm presenting you my MEMS based INS/IMU with a dual-source Kalman-Filter for much more accuracy and dynamic noise filtering (mainly for Indoor-Navigation with position estimation over double integration of velocity data).

The hardest part was the FreeRTOS with FPU, MPU and the I2C DMA optimized FreeRTOS driver.


I founded a Startup last year with a my mate with the focus of MEMS based INS for motion and tracking applications.

With the STM32F4 and Matlab, I could directly port my algorithms and models into code that I can easly integrate into the target. The most important thing is that this application has much benefits by the FPU & DSP Lib optimized code generation.

yep... if you want to know more please ask :-)

kind regards,

ps. Please don't be mad of me... im just very happy that I finished it ...after all this months.