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STM32F207 direct drive of LCD

Question asked by max.max on Jun 12, 2013
Hi, I have a great wish to run 320x240 LCD directly by DMA (according AN3241)
But I need to use the same SRAM for other purpose. According the timings it could be possible. PSRAM 70 ns, LCD 100 ns. So it left some 100-200 ns for the FSMC bus I guess.
But I am not sure that LCD will work with such disturbation. As I understand i have to connect by & NWE signal with RAM_NE2. To make a personal strobe for TFT. The other question I have. What will be with picture on TFT if the bus will be busy and TFT_CLK will be delayed? May be it is possible to use GPIO for RGB data, How to make the CLK signal in this case? Sorry I am new in STM32
Thank you for your ideas.