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Comparitor interrupt on STM32L151?

Question asked by bradshaw.emily on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by Clive One
Hi all,
I'm using a STM32L151VCT6.
I was hoping to make use of the internal interupt associated with Comparitor 2 (EXTI 22).

On further inspection, I've noticed the Reference Manual (RM0038) shows two block diagrams showing interconnections of COMP2 (RM0038 rev8, Section 13.5, Figure 63 and 64). The diagrams show low/medium density devices have an interupt EXTI line 22, where as the medium plus/high density devices do not.

In contry to the above, Table 36 (in RM0038) shows the interrupt vector table which seems to suggest that a medium plus device does have access to EXTI line 22 from the comparitor.

Has anyone come across this, or used EXTI 22 on a STM32L151 device?

Kind regards,

RM0038 rev8, section 13.5 Comparitor 2, Figure 63 shows an external interupt associated with the COMP2 output (EXTI line 22). In Figure 64 (for high and medium+ devices) the diagram doesn't show an external interupt. Other documentation doesn't make any mention of the medium+ devices not having this interupt. Am I missing something? Does the STM32L151VCT6 have an external interupt connected to COMP2? Kind regards Emily,