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STM32L EEPROM writing with USB VCP trouble

Question asked by glinsky.pavel on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by glinsky.pavel

I'm using STM32L152 + IAR6.5.
EEPROM writing/erazing routings are placed in RAM. Interrupt vector table and critical interrupt handler too. I need to write EEPROM and serve critical interrupt at the same time. Before writing to the EEPROM all interrupts are disabled excepting one critical.
This approach works perfectly. I've checked critical interrupt presence by scope during EEPROM writing and EEPROM content afterwards.
Then I added USB VCP driver provided by ST. I've discovered that program was stalled during EEPROM writing. Critical interrupt doesn't appear at this time. Why? USB interrupts are disabled before EEPROM writing.
How can USB driver affects to the memory bank? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.