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missing ADCPRE configuration in systeminit() ?

Question asked by schmucker.konrad on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by schmucker.konrad
Hello everybody,

I set up the (new) 3.5.0 lib in our project and configured the clock (via #define SYSCLK_FREQ_36MHz  36000000) but the ADCPRE register did not get configured correctly.

I'm missing the part where ADCPRE gets configured. It seems it has its initial/default value "00" -> so PCLK2 will be divided by2 and this makes ADCCLK 18MHz(!)

ADCCLK shall be 14MHz or less so i have to get the ADCPRE to "4" / "01". (-> 9MHz)

We used lib V2.0.1 earlier and there was a statement like "RCC_ADCCLKConfig(RCC_PCLK2_Div4);" this was done in a non-ST function.

Do i have to do this the same way? (like adding this statement in systeminit() ) or where is the part i'm missing?

Thanks in advance!