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uClinux running on STM32F437

Question asked by khusainov.vladimir on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by Emilio
Take a look at the video below, which shows Linux, in its uClinuxform, running on the STM32F437 microcontoller:

The novelty of this configuration is that, using the recentlyannounced STM32F437 device, the entire Linux image is able to fitinto the 2MB on-chip Flash. This has two important implications:

o)  Very fast boot-up times. For instance, a Linux configurationwith Ethernet and full TCP/IP stack enabled comes up in just 1second, from power-on to a point where TCP/IP is fully configuredand shell commands can run. This is pretty cool actually, by any measure.

o) Entire kernel runs from the fast zero wait-state on-chip Flash,resulting in high performance of the critical system code, includingeveryhing - core kernel, TCP/IP stack, device drivers, etc. As asimple benchmark, the kernel reports ~157 BogoMIPS on a 168MHzSTM32F4:

Calibrating delay loop... 156.87 BogoMIPS (lpj=784384)

The demo captured in the video was run on Emcraft's "STM32F4 LinuxStarter Kit" hardware platform: