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How DO I switch from TIM4 CCP1 ISR to TIM4 CCP2 ISR

Question asked by slimsly on May 25, 2013

I have a program where by after executing TIM4 CCP1 interrupt routine for a specified number of times, I disable TIM4 CCP1 Interrupt and enable  TIM4 CCP2 interrupt in TIM1 CCP4 Routine .TIM1 CCP4 ISR check for flag and knows when to enable TIM4 CCP2 Interrupt. I notice that TIM4 CCP2 ISR get executed even though TIM4 CCP2 Interrupt is not enable yet. Do anybody have idea what could the problem.

void TIM4_IRQHandler(void)

  if (TIM4->SR & TIM_SR_CC1IF)
          {                                                 /*ALIGNEMENT TIME EXPIRE, PROCEED TO RAMPUP */
                TIM4->SR = ~TIM_SR_CC1IF;                       /*clear CC1IF flag */
                TIM4->CCR1 = RAMP_TABLE[Ramp_Index];            /*TIM4 CCP1 Value Set to value in Ramp Table*/
        TIM4->CNT = 0;                                  /*Clear TIM4 Counter*/
        TIM4->EGR = TIM_EGR_UG;                             /*Reload prescaler and other registers*/
                Commutate();                                      /*Change commuation pattern on MOSFET*/
                TIM1->CCR1 = DutyCycle;                         /*Change CH1 PWM Duty Cycle by 6*/
                TIM1->CCR2 = DutyCycle;                         /*Change CH2 PWM Duty Cycle by 6*/
                TIM1->CCR3 = DutyCycle;                         /*Change CH3 PWM Duty Cycle by 6*/
                if (Ramp_Index++ > RAMP_LENGTH)                 /*End of Motor Ramp*/
                    {                                           /*TIM4 Counter use for ZC Timing*/
                        Ramp_Index = 0;
                            TIM4->DIER &= ~TIM_DIER_CC1IE;            /*Disable TIM4 CCP1 Interrupt*/
                            TIM4->CNT = 0;                            /*Clear TIM4 Counter*/
                            TIM2CCP1_Start();                         /*Start TIM2 CCP1 for ADC HOLDOFF of 10us*/    
//                             GPIOB->BSRR = (1 << 9);

  if (TIM4->SR & TIM_SR_CC2IF)
           TIM4->SR = ~TIM_SR_CC2IF;
             GPIOB->BSRR = (1 << 9);
             Commutate();                                 /*Change commuation pattern on MOSFET*/
             TIM4->CNT = 0;                            /*Clear TIM4 Counter*/
             TIM4->DIER &= ~TIM_DIER_CC2IE;            /*Disable TIM4 CCP1 Interrupt*/
             GPIOB->BRR = (1 << 9);
this is how i enable TIM4 CCP2 interrupt in TIM4 CCP1 ISR

                   TIM4->CCR1 =    FilteredCommutation_Time;      
                                     TIM4->CNT = 0;
                   TIM4->EGR = TIM_EGR_UG;                           /*Reload Prescaler and Other Registers*/
                   TIM4->DIER = TIM_DIER_CC2IE;                 /*Enable TIM2 CCP2 Interrupt*/