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MCBSTM32F400 UART - How to use example programs / learn

Question asked by whitney.scott on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by Clive One
Background: I have a lot of experience with Atmel processors (Arduino) and some experience with M68332 processors.  Both have widely available examples and forums that help new user get started.  With a running example program, I can experiment, change commands around, and rapidly learn.

I'm struggling to find the same type of resources with my transistion to ARM processors.  There are examples, but they don't work without major modifications.  Major modifications that aren't trivial for someone who is just starting to learn.

I have a Keil MCBSTM32F400 board and the Keil uVision IDE.  So far, I have about half of the functions working (LCD, RTC, USB hosting, buttons, etc), but I'm struggling with some of the remaining functions.  The UART seems to be the most difficult for me.  The ST standard peripherals library 1.1.0 was suggested as a starting point.  But those are not fully compatible with that Keil board.  With respect to the UART, I am trying the standard peripherals library USART_Printf example, but run into missing functions such as STM_EVAL_COMInit() and that just stops me dead in my tracks.  Other online examples are similar: they are ultimately written for one prototyping board, but leave everyone else in the dark.

Is there a guide on how to get the Standard Peripherals Library working with other boards?  Is there a good book that you recommend?  The processor data sheet is helpful, but certainly isn't written for the new user.  Do any of you have the missing STM_EVAL_COMInit() function code that you can post?