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STM32F207 USB Mass Storage host device bridge

Question asked by cheng.yang_en on May 20, 2013
Hi All,

I am a starter on STM32F207 MCU. My project is developing a system as a usb host device bridge.  System architecture is:

        PC Host <----> F207 <----> usb flash drive

F207 is similar as a "usb bridge". When F207 receive SCSI command from pc-host, it just resend to usb flash drive and  do following thing(like read,write..etc).

STMicro already provided usb_host_device_lib, it included a device example as SD card reader and a host example as reading/writing USB flash drive. I want to combine the two example that pc-host can enum,read, and write usb flash drive.
Does anyone can provide example or give me some hint?

Thank you very much.