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Question asked by stuart.chris on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by Clive One
This is a continuation of my other thread on JTAG, but shifting topics slightly. I need to understand boot up and firmware loading/updating options better. I'm using the BGA version of this device in my product design. I have to use the SW debug mode because there arent enough available pins for the full JTAG implementation. I'm told this should just work and should be straight forward.
Can someone advise me on the typcial volume production programming methods for this device? Certainly for design/debugging I will use the SW interface. I have a third party company providing me with some driver libraries and they will also be helping me inplement some of their stuff on my product. They are supposedly familiar with these devices and told me in passing that they can set it up to load firmware from the SD card interface on my product. Does this make sense?

There is a section in the user manual form this device that talks about boot modes, and mentions that "It is used to reprogram the Flash memory by using USART1, USART3, CAN2 or USB OTG FS in Device mode". Are these really the only options for using the bootloader, or is it possible to have it pull from the SDIO interface? I'm putting a HS USB interface on my product. Aparently only the FS USB interface can do the DFU mode? I could potentially bring one of the above mentioned peripherals out to spare pins on my planned programming header, but I'd really like a sure path forward and not be in the dark about this.

Also, I always have a hard time finding the information on the states of the two boot pins, and how they map to the "boot modes".

Any help/insignt would be appreciated.