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Internal temperatur sensor

Question asked by berger.patrick on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by barngren.peter
Hi all

I've some troubles with the internal temperatur sensor from my stm32f051: If I read the adc_channel16 I get ~1920 as value.

Then I calculate the result in this way
°C = ((V25 - VSENSE) / Avg_Slope) + 25 = ((1.43V - 1.54V) / 4.3mV/°C) + 25 = -0.58°C
But this should be ~22°C.

Then I thought, that I could use the factory callibration data. But HOW?
If I read the stored value like this "(*((uint32_t*)0x1FFFF7B8))" I get 100206271 as "TS ADC raw data acquired at temperature of 30 °C, VDDA= 3.3 V".

So can anyone help me? Or should I use an external SPI temperature sensor for only measuring with an accuracy of ~1°C?

Thank you very mutch and best regards