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Perfomance Differences between evaluation boards

Question asked by melamud.michael on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by jj.sprague
Hi All ,

Our company is a proud owner of a STM32f4 evaluation board ( cortex M4F) ,
We recived another evaluation board for our client that is (ARM7TDMI board).

Before starting the migration to the ARM7 evalution board, we want to know if the hardware is strong enough for us,so we wont waste anytime to discover it later.
Our project utilize many DSP algorithems (that takes advantage of the FPU) , heavy usage of SDIO , and of course around 1 megabyte of memory  .

So , i was thinking to do the following tests on both evaluation boards ,and see the performance differences  between them :

Math : Addition , Subtraction,Division,Multiplication , Abs and Sqrtf  . It will run i a loop ( and ofcoure only float numbers will be used).
SDIO : read/write a 2 kilobyte buffer in a loop
Memory : read/write to the external and interal RAM in a loop.

In your opinion , do this results will give as any indication about the performance differneces ,and what  to expect from the "real" project ? if not what more test should i conduct ?