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2 PWMs to control full bridge converter

Question asked by berg.david on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by berg.david
Is there an easy way to get the TIM1 in a
STM32F303 to ouput two complemetary signals (TIM1_CH1 and TIM1_CH1N) with a 20% duty cycle for both signals?
If I output 20% duty for TIM1_CH1, the complementary, TIM1_CH1N, always gets the inverse of the first (80%). I would like to have both signals at 20% duty.

The problem we want to solve is to have two signals which are never high at the same time (that is why we thought the complementary outputs would be good) with a deadtime between them and a configurable duty cycle 0<dutycycle<50% for both.

In the attached image I've got an example of how I would like the PWMs to behave. This is using the TIM1_CH1 and TIM1_CH1N outputs but I've used the deadtime to  get two different dutycycles and I would like to accomplish the same thing without having to modify the deadtime for every change of duty cycle. Is there a way to do this?