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F405 DMA1 configuration IMPOSSIBLE

Question asked by thin.charles on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by Clive One
Hello to all of you ST lovers,

I got a problem : working with ChibiOS (which includes the stm32 libs) I'm trying to enable some DMA actions (to capture a timer value, as it happens). Yet whatever I do in the DMA1 Stream2 Config Register (DMA1_S2CR) it remains at 0x 0000 0000 ... And same for the others I need (PAR, M0AR, NDTR).
Yes, I did enable the clock for DMA1, yes ChibiOS did enable the AHB clock from the PLL (which it plugged on HSE and yes I have an external quartz that works just fine). Yes I did make sure I disabled the DMA1 Stream2 and yes I did wait until the EN bit was actually zero (even though I'm in my initilization method and I bet that's all useless).
Is there anything else in the "dumb basic things to do" ? What could otherwise be the problem ?
I really badly need help, so thanks in advance for your help and insights !