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DFUSE possible bug and workaround

Question asked by suraev.vadim on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by p.philipp
I've recently ported the dfu-util for the Android (Gingerbread).
Since we erase the chips entirely at the beginning of every target programming, it takes some time to execute the ERASE command (by the way, I could not find in the provided STM32 library the support for MASS ERASE command). So, inside of one of GETSTATUS procedure preceding the erase operation, we'd like to return a proper poll timeout to the host. The problem is that the erase address is not decoded from the GET_STATUS message. I tried to decode it from MAL_Buffer into the Pointer global variable and it didn't work. Then I created a local variable to decode the erase address into and customized MAL_GetStatus procedure.