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Freeze timers in breakpoints

Question asked by berger.patrick on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by drilling.carsten
Hi all

I've tried to debugg a controll-function, but this is impossible because the timers (one create ticks and the oder count them) are running while the programm is freezed in a breakpoint.
The stdPeriph_lib has some function to modify DBGMCU_APB1_FZ (STM32F0) and the oder registers, but they are only writtable from the debugger.
Where could I set these options? I've looked for it in IAR Workbench, CooCox and Atollic and there is no possibility to enable/disable the timers for the st-link debugger.

Can anyone tell me, how I could do this (everytime disable all timers before the breakpoints is reached and then enable the timers again isn't the solution)?
Best regards