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STM3210C-EVAL - USB examples

Question asked by belchamber.ian on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by belchamber.ian
Hi, I'm getting started, would like to see some USB / PC interfacing. I have the STM3210C-EVAL, I'm using IAR and JLINK and have my own project compiling and running ok.

I downloaded the doc at

and the code at

tried the Joystick Mouse demo. In the manual, it says “To select the STMicroelectronics evaluation board used to run the demo, uncomment the corresponding line in the platform_config.h file.”

I have a STM3210C eval, the ones on offer are:




I tried both, but I get “Driver – Fatal error: ST-Link Connection error Session Aboorted”, then

“Failed to load flash loader  …….FlashSTM32F10xxe.flash” (but the file does exist on my system), then

“A fatal error has occurred”

Is it because there is no demo for the c version of the eval board? That would be annoying! Can I get it running on the c version?