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MCU Voltage Level vs USB FS

Question asked by mynickname on Apr 23, 2013
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My F4 MCU is running at 2.8V, but I need to use USB OTG FS peripheral.
MCU is device mode (peripheral mode) and not bus powered, I only use vbus, for detect dm-dp signals entity.
Data is bidirectional


But, there is a threshold VIHZ 2.7V for D+ AND D- signals. (In USB 2.0 Spec, 7.1.4, Fg: 7.26)

So if any of D+, D- drops under 2.7V, result: "Device disconnected"

As far as I understand I need to translate voltage levels for D+ and D-. (vbus not neccessary)

Note: Solution must be low price.

1. How can I do it properly? Which IC do I need to use for given specs?
2. Can I connect Vbus directly to MCU?