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Can you read the Device Electronic Signature via DFU mode?

Question asked by chrisp on Apr 23, 2013
I am trying to read the device electronic signature in an STM32F40x device while the device is in DFU mode.

The signature is 12 bytes, found at 0x1FFF7A10.  DFU_DNLOAD (Set Address Pointer) works (or at least returns STDFU_NOERROR).  The STDFU_UPLOAD call after that to get the data does not work.

I have 2 questions regarding this:
1) Is it possible? The signature seems to be located just after the OTP area, and it may not be accessible to the bootloader.
2) What would I pass in for the block number parameter on STDFU_Upload?  I have tried to pass 2, which makes sense from the formula for addressing on page 12 of AN3156, but doesn't work.  The upload command returns STDFU_NOERROR, but the buffer is null.

Thank you