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STM32F2xx start program not from 0x08000000

Question asked by on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by Clive One
Can I put my program start from diffrent address then 0x08000000 ?
I have same data sector I need and because I can't know the size of my program I want to make it this way:
Sector 0-1 will be for data.
My program start on sector 2.
I change the vector offset and also confige VTOR to start on sector 2.
My program run O.K. with debbuger but when I let it run free it doesn't do any thing.
I look on  the memory map and see that my code start on 0x08008000 but no code on 0x08000000 or 0x0 (mirror of  0x08000000). As I understand the reset vector always jump on power up to 0x0 . And if it so I understand why it won't run.
If so do I have always put the vector reset on 0x08000000 and lost this sector in any case?