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Basic - starting project for stm32F1 from scratch w/ Ride7

Question asked by blesener.daniel on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by blesener.daniel
I have created many projects using Ride7 for the STM32F1, but I always have started with example projects from ST. I need to start from scratch.
I simply created a project, and only added stm32f10x_rcc.h and .c partner.  Since I am using the default script and start file, I figured the start should be as easy as settings a few clocks. I am getting the error message "W:\Public\Dan\Actuator Testing Design\Firmware\700-1221 Relay Testing Board Rev1.00\Relay Testing Board Rev 1.00.elf: file not recognized: File truncated"
Also, above that the end of the line says nostartfiles.
I am sure the start files and script files exist though. Any idea what I am doing wrong?