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Hard fault at misaligned memcpy memset

Question asked by Werner Meier on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by Acelec
Already posted this on Keil Website, it was tested with STM32F100, therefore:

we made some simple tests with STM32F100 Value Line Eval Board:

// Variables
static unsigned char sDstBuf[1024]; // 1KiB
static unsigned char sSrcBuf[sizeof(sDstBuf)];

printf("Copying words from misaligned src to aligned dst buffer... ");
memset(sDstBuf, 0xcd, sizeof(sDstBuf));

with optimize Level 3, optimize for time this takes

with optimize Level 0

almost the same if memcpy is used:
memcpy(sDstBuf, (const void *)0xcd, sizeof(sDstBuf));

It runs into hard fault, if optimize Level >=1 and optimise for time is not set.

I think this is a compiler error..

We ran into this before with MDK 4.60, now we use 4.70A