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STM32 Hardware Independent Development

Question asked by smurygin.ivan on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by smurygin.ivan
Hi, all!

I have some experience in development programs on stm32 microcontrollers, and want to do my programs more fluent and independent for using on microcontrollers of other series. 
Have anybody some good suggestions to od this, or maybe give me some usefull information about this issue?

The method i found is to use some board.h file where there are definitions something like:

//  USART#1 - to communicate with PC
#define GPIO_USART1_TX  {GPIOA, {GPIO_Pin_9,    GPIO_Speed_50MHz, GPIO_Mode_AF_PP}          , Bit_SET}
#define GPIO_USART1_RX  {GPIOA, {GPIO_Pin_10, GPIO_Speed_50MHz, GPIO_Mode_IN_FLOATING}, Bit_SET}

And how to init with this structure? Let's discuss