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2 APP with IAP

Question asked by on Apr 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2013 by Clive One
If I want tosave 2 FW (current one and newer) on 2 section. This is for robust cases when I want to be sure I have a good update FW before delete the old one.
For that I made 2 sections (let say section 3-6 for 1 FW and section 7-10 for the second). Each time before download I see which one is the oldest (by FW version on specific place ) and the Boot place the new FW on that sector. After all get O.K. the Boot check again which one is newer and make a jump to that sector.
The question:
In the FW can I made the same offset all time like 0x08000000 start and vector jump the same and boot assign the FW on one of the sectors and make its jump there will do the reset (relative address) or there should be correlation betweenh icf file offset and placement on sector (absulote address)?
I hope I clear myself .