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Making bin file for IAP application Const varible issue

Question asked by on Apr 6, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2013 by Clive One
I mange to creat IAP BootLoader which place over sector 0-1.
I make a room for constant varibles place at factory and change from time to time. There values should be read at power up so I place them over sector 2-3.
My application place start on sector 4 (0x08010000).
But when I creat the bin file of the App for the boot to start on 0x08010000) I see that before the main application I get a lot of zero. My assumption is that the linker see that I make a room for const varible on sector 2-3 and even if I didn't place values on it it make all zero. So my bin file doesn't start on 0x08010000, but much erlear. THis make me a probem because I can't know how much zero are before so place exactly the App start on 0x08010000, and if I *** some const the offset will move.
On the other hand I must have them on the FLASH and be recognize by the App (to read them), but in possition not occupied by the APP so it won't change every new download.
 Is there a sign to give the linker or the bin file creation to egnore them and not give them place on the bin file, but just know there location?