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STM32F429/STM32F439: Possibly with internal USB-HS?

Question asked by bil.til on Apr 6, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2013 by bil.til
concerning the new STM32F429/STM32F439 chips: In the part number table in column "Serial interface" it says "2xUSB OTG FS/HS" for most of them - whereas for the older chips (as STM32F407...) it says "2xUSB OTG (FS + FS/HS)".

Does this mean, that the STM32F429/39 possibly have USB-HS on-chip (without need of ULPI interface?) (which would be SUPER GREAT)???? Anyone has any clue? (or anyone has an idea, when the reference manual will be updated to include the description of the new 429/439 stuff (as also the TFT interface and the Chrom-ART accelerator) ?