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Missing ADC Codes on STM32F1 / ADC3

Question asked by vawter.noah on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by knik
Hi all,

     When I supply 2 of my ADC inputs with 3V ramp/triangle/sine waves, it seems that values from 1024 - 1048 are reporting as 1023.  There is another smaller "dead band" from 1087 up to 1092.  Everything else about this interface is working fine.  I'm working my way through various configuration options.  I have done the two-part calibration.  I wanted to check and see if this is recognized behavior with a known or suggested solution?  I'm using DMA on THE LQFP144 part (STM32F103ZGH6), external reference Vref+ is 3.0V via LM4120 . 
I see the same results from the output of my sensor's op-amp (MCP6V27) and from a Stanford signal generator.
Thank you.