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Latest CMSIS Library

Question asked by gary on Apr 3, 2013
Hi all,

After downloading, expanding, and comparing many firmware packages for F3 and F4 demo/eval boards, I've found that some common libraries are older than others. The most recent CMSIS I've found so far is v3.01 from STM32F2-F4_Demonstration_Builder_V1.3.0.

Has anyone found a more recent release, say from F0, F1, F2 demo/eval board packages? And does anyone have a better way to find out about updates to firmware other than tediously checking dozens of download packages every so often?

[This directed at someone in STMicroelectronics who can do something about it] It seems to me that releasing firmware package updates to customers would be enormously improved by using any one of the awesome source code control repository hosting sites that are available out on the web (or just host your own). What do you think?