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LCD read issue on STM3240G-EVAL

Question asked by Moore.Patrick on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by jj.sprague
Does anyone have code that is able to successfully read the ID from the LCD on the STM3240G-EVAL board? 

Using the ST provide examples (without LCD reads), we can write to the LCD without any issues, but when trying to read instruction register 00h (driver code) from the Ampire LCD, we always get back whatever data we last wrote to the data register.  It's as if the LCD never writes fresh information into it's data register.

Vastly extending the total NE3 period and the NOE active period (at least to 500nS, validated with a scope) does not affect the pattern, so we are given the LCD plenty of time to write new data to the register. 

This system is running with the core at 168MHz, so HCLK ticks are slightly under 6 nanoseconds.