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OTP implementation in STM322xx

Question asked by on Mar 28, 2013
As I look in ST example I didn't find any example for saving to the OTP. If there please link me to. Only found this function FLASH_Status FLASH_ProgramOTP(uint32_t Address, uint32_t Data) 
I go threw the flash programming guide . In section  1.7 write
"Each OTP data block can be programmed until the value 0x00 is programmed in the  corresponding OTP lock byte."
for that I have several questuions.
1. As I understand OTP is One Time Program. So does the OTP of STM322xx is also one time or as written in the guide until ...?
2. For the OTP LOCK byte when it change to 0x00 there is no way to open it again or it can be reversable so the OTP can be program again?
3. Can I change only 1 OTP LOCK byte or I have to write a word as for the OTP BLOCK?


OTP lock byte