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first SETUP packet on otg-hs ulpi interface TXERR

Question asked by gao.shark on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2014 by gao.shark

hardware: STM32-407VG, ulpi phy usb3300, power switch MIC2026-2BM
software: modified from stm324xG-EVAL_USBH-HS v2.1.0, forced in host mode.

success 1. The code runs well on otg-fs core, mass-storage device is enumerated successfully. so the code is almost bug-free. all the following success and failures are happened on hs core with ulpi interface.

success 2. On the otg-hs core, I can turn on/off port power successfully via USB_OTG_DriveVbus()

success 3. Usb device insertion/remove can be detected by code successfully.

success 4. The usb RESET signal is sent out, and high speed device is detected successfully by code. it can been proven through usb wire analyzer too.

failure 5. the first SETUP packet can NOT been sent out. the channel interrupt
register HCINT bit 7 TXERR is always 1, the 3 times halt and retry failed too.
  hcreg = pdev->regs.HC_REGS[num];
  hcint.d32 = USB_OTG_READ_REG32(&hcreg->HCINT);
  hcint.b.xacterr is always 1

success 6. I put something onto 3.3V power supply for a short time by accident, resulting the stm32 to reboot, usb3300 should be reset too. Now the code enumerate the high speed device successfully! this situation can be repeated many times.

failuer 7, after previous success 6, I reboot the stm32 by code NVIC_SystemReset(), situation goes to failure 5 again.

What is the cause of HCINT bit 7 TXERR? Can the success 2-4 prove that the ulpi data bus between stm32 and usb3300 works well? the success 6 and failure 7 are strange.

The communition between stm32 and usb3300 is not opened to software, it is difficult to guess the problems inside it. If helpful for analyze, I can show you all the usb registers's content before sending first packet.

I was blocked here for 2 weeks, please help me.