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HardFault_Handler exception problem

Question asked by jjTronix on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by jjTronix

Hello all,

I will apreciate any help that can give me some light to understand what is happening.

The firmware has a loader, data flash and an application.
ROM memory mapping:

* Loader                     0x0000h - 0x3FFFh
* EEPROM DATA           0x4000h - 0x4FFFh
* Aplication               0x5000h - 0x1FFFh

Due to some reason that I don't know HardFault exception happend.
As recomended in some post I implemented the Joseph Yiu code as follow:


;        B HardFault_Handler

        TST LR, #4
        ITE EQ
        MRSEQ R0, MSP
        MRSNE R0, PSP
        B HardFault_Handler

And implemented the Joseph Yiu code in the interrupts.c file (application NVIC region), I can post it if needed.

The problem happend when the applicaiton is running.
This is the output that I get when the exception happend (application NVIC):

-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           
                                          [Hard fault handler - all numbers in hex]
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           R0 = 20000478
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           R1 = 8003b15
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           R2 = 800368d
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           R3 = 800369d
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           R12 = 80036ad
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           LR [R14] = 80036bd  subroutine call return address
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           PC [R15] = 80036cd  program counter
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           PSR = 0
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           BFAR = e000ed38
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           CFSR = 100
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           HFSR = 40000000
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           DFSR = 0
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           AFSR = 0
-- DEBUG --         HardFault_Handler           SCB_SHCSR = 0

Well the PC point directly to the UsageFault handler located in the loader NVIC
void UsageFault_Handler(void) {
    0x80036cc: 0xb580         PUSH      {r7, lr}
    debugPrint("LOADER - UsageFault Handler");
    0x80036ce: 0xf20f 0x1130  ADR.W     r1, ?<Constant "LOADER - UsageFault H..."> ; 0x44414f4c (1145130828)
    0x80036d2: 0xf20f 0x1018  ADR.W     r0, ??__FUNCTION___5    ; 0x67617355 (1734439765)
    0x80036d6: 0xf7fe 0xfd81  BL        debugPrintMsg           ; 0x80021dc
    while (1) {
    0x80036da: 0xe7fe         B.N       ??UsageFault_Handler_0  ; 0x80036da

And the values stored in R0(stack), R1, R2,R3 y R12 are Loader handlers interrupts as I can show bellow.

Reset_Handler           0x08003b15         Code  Wk  startup_stm32f10x_md_vl.o [1]
NMI_Handler             0x0800368d   0x10  Code  Gb  interrupciones.o [1]
HardFault_Handler       0x0800369d   0x10  Code  Gb  interrupciones.o [1]

When I try to execute some code for example debugPrint in this interrups I can't get data.
When I start the Micro, run loader and start the application correctly,
but it seems that when the application is running can't go back to the loader.

Any idea to understand what is happening and how to get the error source. I think that it happening someting in the code but run the loader NVIC exceptions and can't get the cause of the exception.

Thanks in advance.