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Number of ADC channels in STM32F207Zx?

Question asked by kihlmark.richard on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by kihlmark.richard

Trying to get my head around how many ADC channels that are available in STM32F207Zx chip.

Datasheet p14 Table3 claim "Number of channels = 24".
Also on p.1 "ADC with up to 24 channels".

OTOH, Reference manual p.204 says "19 multiplexed channels allow it to measure signals from 16 external sources".
I can count to 24 pins on 144-pin chip that have ADC available. But none of the pins go beyond ADCxxx/IN15.
Is this some sort of marketing trick to claim 24 channels in Datasheet?

Or is there some multiplexing scheme that allow us to use 2 separate external sources connected to i.e. AD12/IN15 and ADC3/IN15 if we catch the result from first conversion before starting a second one with same INxx number?

One of the major reasons we've looked into using STM32F207Zx chip was the large number of ADC channels advertised in Datasheet.
Please enlighten me..