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Using ST-LINKv2 on the F4Discovery board to program an external STM32F0

Question asked by FarrellF on Mar 24, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by FarrellF
I have an F4Discovery board that I want to use as an SWD programmer to program an F0 on a home made PCB. I keep getting the "No target connected error."

I know the F4Discovery board works (both the ST-LINKv2 and the F4) because I can program it.

My setup is as follows:

-Jumpers on CN3 ("ST-LINK/DISCOVERY") are both open to allow programming of an extermal microcontroller.
-SB11 is open, to allow ST-LINK to control the reset line of my F0.

-My F0 PCB is powered by the F4Discovery board. (3V rail and GND.)

-CN2 pin 1, VDD-Sense, is connected to the 3V rail of my F0 PCB, which is also the 3V rail of the F4Discovery.
-CN2 pin 2, SWCLK, is connected to my F0 pin PA14.
-CN2 pin 3, Ground, is connected to the ground of my F0 PCB, which is also the ground of the F4Discovery.
-CN2 pin 4, SWIO, is connected to my F0 pin PA13.
-CN2 pin 5, NRST, is connected to my F0 pin NRST.
-CN2 pin 6, reserved, is not connected to anything.

I don't know of a way to test the F0 without programming it, but the NRST pin seems to be functional. When the F0 is powered on, the NRST pin is high. When the F0 is powered off, the NRST pin is not connected to 3V or ground.

The BOOT0 pin of my F0 is tied to ground.

Any ideas?