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STM32F4Discovery playback speed problem

Question asked by SiCode on Mar 23, 2013
Hi all. I try to run audiopayback and record demo on F4 discovery board. When i upload precompiled binary (internal Flash mode) i hear from speakers 5 sec audio sample. Sound is not "crystal clear" but i think is correct.
But when i try to build on my own from inc/src folders using RIDE environ, i get stuck. Everything works fine LED's, IRQ, mems LIS itp. Even the audio sample plays through the speakers, but playback duration is 3 times longer then from precompiled binary. 15second, and it's very noisy.
I check whole ssytem settings, PLL's, HSE itp. and everything is like should be, only playback speed seems to by incorrect. I miss something. Maybe any one got same problem before??