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STM32F4 Wifi

Question asked by MrStive on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by MrStive
Hi All,
Im after adding WiFi capabilities to my PCB (either onboard chip or shield) for the STM32F4.

Basically the unit will need to connect to a network via DHCP and dump data from an SD card to the server. I'm using IAR workbench.

Does anyone know of a unit with good documentation / resource with code examples preferably for IAR? A range of protocols a/b/g/n is probably good.
I found this sagrad module (, anyone used it?

Basically i'd like to get a popular unit with lots of resources rather than a cheap Chinese unit that noone uses and would have to spend hours creating my own libraries. So if anyone has any recommendations it would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)