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Looking for documentation on FSMC PCCARD interface

Question asked by izvekov.matheus on Mar 13, 2013
Hi all.

I am having a really hard time finding any documentation at all on how to interface with a PCCARD bus using the FSMC.

I am specifically looking for how to do I/O space access.
Also, about some possible issue with FSMC_CD.

Bit of a background: I am currently trying to interface with a ST16C654 UART chip configured for intel bus mode. I am using a board that was not designed by me, and the UART chip IOR and IOW lines have been connected to the FSMC_NIORD and FSMC_NIOWR lines, which basically ties me to using the PCCARD interface unless I do some difficult reworking. I do realise though that IOR and IOW could be connected to the FSMC_NOE and FSMC_NWE lines, and I would have a much easier time this way, since I already got external SRAM working fine.

So far, I got the PCCARD bus initialized using the StdPeriph driver, but whenever I try to probe around the Bank4 memory region (0x90000000), I only get hardfaults. On this board I am working on, the FSMC_CD pin has been left floating, and although I have found zilch regarding documentation on this, I suspect this is the card detect line. Could my issue be related to not having this line asserted?