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F4 and Code Protect

Question asked by PICguy on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by Amel N
I loaded data into ROM page 11.  I then changed from 1’s to 0’s from my running code.  So far so good.

Now I want to prevent my code from being read via a debugger.

I can set FLASH_OPTCR bits 8..15 to 0xBB in my code.  If I read the RM correctly this protects my code from being read and manipulated by a debugger.  I am using ST-LINK to load my code.  Have I have missed some strange extra option that automatically sets FLASH_OPTCR for code protect when I load my code?

Yet, if I understand correctly, this setting goes away on reset.  That’s useless for protecting my code from debugger inspection.

I know about the option bytes location 0x1FFFC000.  Using IAR tools and ST-LINK its default value appears as 0x5500AAFF.  I can change that with my code to 0x5500BBFF (or 0x550022FF if I can’t change a 0 to a 1.)  I assume this changes the default value of FLASH_OPTCR.

But will doing that prevent me from loading code with the debugger?  I would hope that I would be limited to erasing the entire part before I can do anything else with the debugger.  I only have 2 F4 discovery boards and I would hate to have to buy another.

My plan is to have the option bytes set to AA, level 0, read protection not active.  Load code that way with ST-LINK.  Then run the code using an external source to download the final updates to ROM page 11.  After that I would change the option bytes for RAM and ROM read protection from debuggers and other nefarious attempts to discover what is going on inside the microcontroller.

Side issue:

About how long is the processor suspended during a single word ROM write?  I am running with 3.3V.  

I ask because I will be unable to interrupt to transfer external data during the time the ROM is dedicated to the update process.  If this time is over 200 microseconds I will have to suspend 38K baud RS-232 for the duration.  If ROM write time never exceeds 100 microseconds I can ignore the temporary break in execution without worry.