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Issues with SPI 2 on STM32f100RB

Question asked by enggpouch on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by enggpouch
I will need to use spi with a memory chip. But I currently can't get my spi to input data.
I am able to get it to output.  I have a logic analyzer hooked up and it shows data is being outputed.  When I do a loop back test it shows the data being delivered to the input pin PB14 but the micro does not seem to realize this.
I am thinking that I do not have the pin set up for input, but I have tried different configurations but nothing seems to work
This code sets up the spi, sends out data and is suppose to read it in


void SPIInit (void)

     * regRCC_APB2ENR = 0x9;    //turn on gpiob and afio
    * regRCC_APB1ENR = 0x4000; // turn on spi 2

    * regGPIOB_CRH = 0xB4B34B44; //this is where i might be having issues
    * regSPI_CR1 = 0x334;
    //* regSPI_CR2 = 0x04;
    * regSPI_CR2 = 0x00;
    * regSPI_CR1 |= 0x0040;

void SendOne()
    char data;

                    *regGPIOB_BSRR = 0x00001000;//CS high (set) PB12
            while ((* regSPI_SR & 0x02 )!= 0x02){;} // when transmit buffer is empty send data
            *regSPI_DR = 0x9; // send enable to memory chip EWEN
            //*regSPI_DR = 'a'; // send enable to memory chip EWEN
                        //edited it below as it was 0x2 and it was suppose to be 0x1
            while ((* regSPI_SR & 0x000001 )!= 0x01){;} // when receive buffer not empty read data, program getting stuck here
                 data = * regSPI_DR;    //reading clears flags
            //*regGPIOB_BSRR = 0x00001000; //reset chip select low